Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Sunday, June 25, 2017

New painting in my etsy shop ! Marina and the diamonds

Check out this item in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/538889589/marina-and-the-diamonds-bubblegum-bitch

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review of Savor bath and body products sample pack

Good morning ! Happy Sunday Funday !

Today I am reviewing a sample pack I recently received from Savor on Etsy


Here is the package. It was beautifully packaged and Lisa at Savor had included a tag with a coupon code written on it for my next purchase. I've purchased from Savor in the past and always had a wonderful experience so I was thrilled to get this sample pack to review for my blog ! I love their products and always enjoy the experience of shopping with Savor. Lisa is very nice and good about accommodating requests and I have always enjoyed her customer service !

This sampler I purchased included a Whipped Crème Fraiche Soap in Bora Bora, a body butter in Dulce de Leche and a perfume oil roll on in Strawberry Rhubarb. The perfume roll on was well packaged in bubble wrap and the packaging was pretty ! I was excited to open this !

The strawberry rhubard perfume oil roll on was sweet and moisturizing. It smells amazing just like strawberry pie. I love it ! The perfume is based in sunflower oil, so it is very moisturizing and not drying like some perfume roll ons. It smells nice and was packaged well (no leaks or issues).

Here is a photo of the body butter and whipped soap. The pink one is the Bora Bora whipped soap. Here is her info on this scent from the etsy site.

"Savor's Bora Bora scent calls to mind warm tropical breezes, drinks with pretty little umbrellas and shimmery hot nights. Acai berry, pineapple, mango and yuzu, made more complex with light musk and orchid notes. Time to escape winter! :)"

The summeryness of this absolutely drew me in. She selected these scents for my sampler, but this one especially is one I would have picked myself ! I love summer scents and wear them all years long. A beachy summery scent is my favorite pick for bath and body and perfume products, as well as tarts or candles ! Just love them ! This smells amazing. To me I can smell the mango and berry of some type , but I can definitely smell the floral in it as well. It smells really nice. Her whipped soaps are super moisturizing and I love that they come in small affordable sizes, so that you can try different scents or do them as an add on when ordering body butter or perfume. I really love them and can't wait to use this ! I know its great and it is going to go quick. Sure I will be ordering more soon !

I have shopped around a lot for this type of product and believe me , the prices at Savor are amazing for the product you get. A great deal ! Also, she shipped this super fast. I was amazing at how fast I received it.

The body butter I received was in the scent Dulce de Leche. This is her description of this product from the Savor Site.

"Caramel, a bit of spice, and totally sweet! Warm vanilla sugar notes and thick, ooey gooey caramel and scalded milk make Dulce de Leche so authentically tempting that you'll swear this is a real dessert!"

Here is a little description of her body butter.

"Crema -- Whipped Body Butter by Savor, is a quickly absorbing, rich natural lotion with no added colorants or dyes. Organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter are combined with aloe and mango for a clean, light-weight texture. Crema is enhanced with Cyclomethicone, which provides fantastic moisturizing and leaves you baby-powder-fresh. Contains paraben-free preservative for your safety. Made from nearly all organic ingredients!"

This stuff is amazing ! Really light, but at the same time very moisturizing. This scent absolutely smells like caramel and vanilla. If you love gourmand scents then this is for you ! I'm not always a huge fan of gourmands, but this is one I can get behind. It smells amazing, without being overwhelming or overpowering. I love her body butter and once again they are very reasonably priced , especially for a product with a large amount of organic ingredients. Seriously impressive !

In conclusion, I really enjoyed sampling these products and cannot wait for my next order from Savor ! All of her products are handmade and I have never had a bad experience. This is one of my favorite etsy shops for a wide variety of handmade products in fantastic scents at amazing price points ! I love Savor and I hope you will try it out !

Time to go shopping over at https://www.etsy.com/shop/savor .

Re-opening Etsy Store

Morning all !

Wanted to let everyone know I am reopening this blog and my etsy shop. I wanted to share some info on that and links to my social networking sites so that you can follow that as well as my blog here.

My etsy shop will showcase original artwork for sale, along with possibly handmade bath and body products in the future. Also destashing a lot of supplies at low low prices. Great deal on craft supplies if you are in the market.

My links

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I am always updating my Instagram with makeup looks and reviews or other info.


Tumblr account . I don't use this as much, but occasionally will update with something cool.


Thanks for looking ! And I hope you will check out my shop and links and keep following my blog. Stay tuned for a new bath and body product review coming soon !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box June 2015 Box Review

This is a review of the Vegan Cuts Beauty Subscription box . Link https://vegancuts.com/beautybox . 

The box costs $19.95 per month and includes free shipping. It is an ongoing subscription so you will be charged every month until you cancel. Boxes ship around the 16th of the month I believe.  There is also a snack box available from the same website, as well as other curated one time purchase sample and full size product boxes. This box promises 4-7 products each month.

My box arrived today on June 22nd. The box is smaller than I expected, but the package was super cute and had prints of all sorts of makeup and beauty items on the outside. 

My box contained six beauty items plus two coupons. There is a coupon code for $10 off a $50 purchase at the vegan cuts online shop and 20 percent off at the website for one of the products featured in the box (bar of soap)

Packaging includes some paper shred and a cute card with the vegan cuts coupon code and description of the items included in the box.

Items Included:

1. The first and most impressive item is an Emani eyeshadow palette in the shades Coco/Black. This is a full size makeup item, with a trio of shadows and a mirror on the inside. These retail online for $20, so this is more than the value of the box already, wow great !!! Value : $20

2. There was a small cellophane green baggie with a small heart shaped guest sized soap and coupon code from the brand Bee All Natural. This is the coconut oil soap. On their website a 3 ounce soap is $4.49, the card does not say the size but I am guessing this soap is less than 1 oz, so Value : $1 approx

3. Third item is a small sample size of Schmidt's natural deodorant in bergamot-lime. This is a .5 oz sample. This was one of the spoilers for this month and I am really excited to try this, smells great. A 2 oz deodorant full size is $9 on their website. Value for this sample $2.25 .

Here is a better photo of the Deodorant and the next item, a pacifica cleanser.

4. Pacifica sea foam cleanser- Pretty excited about this sample. This has been an item I have been wanting to try for awhile. I love the Pacifica brand, especially their facial cleansing wipes, so very excited to try this. Great pick !! This is a .7 oz sample and the full size is 5 oz. for $11 retail.  Value : Approx $1.54

5. The next item is a vegan eco lips bee free superfruit lip balm. Not terribly excited because I have a lot of lip balm, but the only good thing about lip balm in beauty boxes is that it is usually full size. Value: $3.49 

6. The last item is a bit odd for a beauty box, toothpaste !! But yes toothpaste does keep you beautiful and I like natural toothpaste so I was kind of excited, ha.  This is the Hello brand and does contain fluoride unlike some natural toothpaste, but I am okay with that. The flavor is pink grapefruit mint and it is .75 oz, so travel size. A five oz full size tube retails for $4.99 from drugstore.com so about $1 per oz. Value: Approx 75 cents for this sample.

Total value of the $19.95 Vegan cuts June 2015 beauty box is $29.03. Not the highest value I have seen for subscription boxes, but not horrible. You are getting a good value, plus coupon codes and if you are Vegan or Vegetarian the plus is that everything is vegan.  I think they offer a wide variety of really useful items. Including lip balm and toothpaste may not be terribly exciting, but who doesn't need this stuff, right ?  I was pretty excited with the toothpaste, cleanser and deodorant. Is that enough excitement to keep me subscribing maybe... I'm not sure the shades in this eyeshadow are for me and let's face it, that is where most of the value in this box comes from... However, I can always swap this or gift it to someone and I'm willing to give this box another month to see if I get more items that are to my taste next month.

Thanks for checking out my blog and check back in for more subscription box and natural product reviews. I would absolutely recommend vegan cuts website or boxes for beauty products and I really want to try out the snack box as well.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lather's and Light's Valentines Day February Order : First Impressions

Welcome to my blog ! It has been awhile, but I am trying to get back in the game on my blog posts and reviews. This is a small order from one of my favorite etailers Lather's and Lights. I ordered the head to toe sampler (pick your own scents)


I received a free rubber duck (cute !) with my order, plus eight sample packets. Second photo is a close up of the samples and the small perfume is part of the set, just wanted a close up of that as well.


Perfume Roll on in Black Heart: This was a valentine's day scent and no longer listed on the site.  Very sweet perfumey floral, nice for a perfume and i love it.  A bit powdery, not sure what the notes were on this.

Small scrub in turkish delight- oh i love their scrubs, this is going to be amazing.. smells like chocolate and berries to me, so yummm..

body butter in With this ring- this is another valentines day scent, i know it is a girly floral but i dont remember all of the notes, violets and roses maybe... Really soft and delicate. I love their body butter, but the coconut butter is my favorite from them.. this is nice as well though, very moisturizing..

Argan infusion conditioner cream- Pink velvet cupcake. pink sugar + red velvet cake. this appealed to me a lot.. it smells like a frosted cupcake, not too chocolately to me right now but maybe it will smell more chocolate once it cures,..... not too heavy.. I hate a heavily scented conditioner but this is perfect for me.

I love their haircare. The next item is The Soft and Shine Shampoo in another Valentine's scent, Hearts in bloom.  Another floral, strong and sweet.. lots of violet in this which I love. smells amazing.

Then we have an argan and shea body cream in the scent Egyptian Cotton. This is one of their basic scents, so the description is up on the site . " Clean and crisp top notes of orange zest and fresh greens highlight a feminine bouquet of jasmine, orchid vanilla and violet on a warm background of rosewood, sandalwood and soft musk."  I was really interested in the muskyness and violet and jasmine in this.. I thought that combined with the greens would smell really great.  I love it, perfect musky floral,.. not too heavy or overwhelming. Smells amazing.. I love argan oil, I'm sure this cream is great.

I got the shower creme in rock candy, this is a LUSH dupe, but not sure what of.. i think a bubble bar or maybe the rock star soap. "Super sweet and fruity candy with a touch of vanilla. *Lushious collection*"  This one is great, I've bought this dupe from other sellers, but Lathers and lights has the best lush dupes in my experience. Really sweet and strong.. love their shower creme, very moisturizing and a little goes a long way...

Last item is the Argan infusion smoothing serum for hair. I love this stuff, I have short to medium thick hair and this is a great styling cream, rub a little in your hair and it is soft and smelling lovely all day.  I got this in Rose Jelly. This is another Lush dupe, dupe of Rose Jam. Description "Fresh citrus brightens this velvety floral accord of red rose petals. Hints of strawberry add sweet innocence while clear musky undertones blend with vanilla to create longing. *Lushious collection*".. I love their Rose jam, it smells amazing.. like roses and strawberries, I love it !!! 

I love that the samples are individually sealed, usually I put some in my desk drawer or purse and they serve as great little hand creams for on the go.  I love Lathers and Lights and hope you will consider trying them out, They have regular coupon codes and their products are amazing !

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



1. Minimum $7 purchase (not including shipping)
2. I accept paypal , fees accounted for in the listing price.
3. Will not hold items for more than two days to be fair to others who are interested.
4. Shipping in US is $3 for makeup/bath items (up to three small items or two larger items) , Larger purchases shipping with be $4-$6. Priority small flat rate box $6 , this will fit a large number or makeup items or smaller cosmetic bags etc.  Purses or totes shipping is $7. Other items shipping as listed (baby carrier and kids shoes)  Contact me for more info on international shipping, will have to determine on a case by case basis.
5. Message me on makeupalley user name autumnrainbow if you have questions or comments.

paul and joe cream blush 001 creamy cheek color, see photo used a handful of times $7

Handmade Alice in wonderland necklace $7

ELF eyeshadow $2

Estee lauder palette with bronzer and shadows $5

Milani purple eyeliner NIP $3

Laura mercier cocoa eye shadow pencil, used three times tons left $5

MARY KAY timewise oily skin cleanser , half full $4

Shu umera empty palette, magnets in it but they are not glued down, used for depots, needs cleaning see next photo for outside $5

PIXI concealer kit light medium , eye concealer kit, as you can see the concealers are almost gone, small amount of concealer on the white highlighter, highlighters are barely used. $6

Body shop seaweed toner about 60 percent left $3

Lathers and lights etailer small body butter, coral beach $3

Physicians formula eye shadow, see usage, sticker with markdown on front never removed $2

Urban Decay Rehab eye pencil. See usage $3

Urban Decay sin eyeshadow, see usage, tried to depot it so you can see those marks on the package and shadow $5

MAC swimming eyeshadow pan only depot $4

Decant of Haunt Glossing oil, scent is called mother of pearl , smells like watermelons fruity oil spray for body $2

Fragrance, etailer absinthe perfume (1/2 full or less), Mr.Darcy cologne from etailer and some samples, Selling all for $3

Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow cool crush , see usage, sanitized it and that is where the marks came from. $3

Clinique palette, blush mocha pink, eye shadow beach plum duo but the plum is gone, shattered. only the golden shade is left $4

Moonalisa etailer hair leave in detangler $5

Maybelline FIT me 110 powder see usage pan showing $1

Hard candy EYE M TIRED, almost full over 75 percent left $1

Benefit Dr.Feelgood mini, has the little sponge, see usage $2

NYX meet my romeo palette, see usage, small pan showing in the beigey shade, the most usage is in that shade for sure. The rest usage is not much over 90 percent left on those LOVE IN FLORENCE collection $4

ELF dump bag makeup bag, see photos $2

Stila gold illuminating powder, pan is detached from the base, needs to be glued in otherwise in perfect shape, tons left over 95 percent $5

ELF eye brush see photo free this is the black studio line one $1 or free with any other purchase

Lip stuff, Tarte balm in friday, wet n wild dollhouse lipstick, baby lips in strike a pose rose (almost all there) the physicians formula is melted mess on the inside but will throw it in. Hard candy balm slightly used, Asking $2 for all five !!

Estee lauder soft cream cleanser $3 almost full small travel size, apple body cream bodycology $1 or free add in 

Handmade tree of life twilight pendant with wolf and vampire teeth, very cute $12

Tarts 50 cents for both but may add on extra shipping if it makes it hard to fit in a small envelope and need to use a small flat rate box.

Physicans formula cashmere bronzer $3 used but tons left, this thing will last forever

Handmade necklace, clear cord and shiny beads, like fools gold for the big ones, really cool $16

Vera Bradley turtle large cosmetic, rare $38 + large shipping cost for this item

Vera bradley persimmon orange shade microfiber large slim cosmetic case $35

Vera bradley flat iron cover $15

Vera bradley pink elephants tote rare $22

Vera bradley watercolors tune in earbud case, tag cut on the inside, perfect shape otherwise $9

Vera bradley coin purse $7

Necklace $4 choker length

Earrings , asking $15 for all

Vera bradley set of 6 notecards $6 new in package 

SOHO little mermaid small cosmetic bag $12

Chimparoo 4.5 foot woven baby wrap, includes box , extra for shipping this item or can ship for less without box, with box would be $13 to ship flat rate med box Asking $70 for the wrap

Small frame, the backside is stitch disney origami paper, handmade item $7

Handpainted mermaid theme trinket box  ask questions if you have them, I can measure it $10 plus extra shipping, asking $8 to cover shipping

MAC hello kitty and mermaid theme collage large for wall Asking $20 and $10 to ship

Mason jar $5 and $8 to ship

Vera Bradley ming small tote, $12

Original oil painting $100 plus $10 shipping

Collage original artwork small tim holtz configurations $20 plus $10 to ship

Toddler shoes size 6 and 6.5 Asking $5 each, $13 to ship both flat rate or $7 each to ship