Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cocoa Pink Curacao and Sanibel Island Review - Beachy Summery Scents

I wanted to do a quick review of two Cocoa Pink   scents that I am in love with.

These are both really fabulous summery beachy scents, so I wanted to compare the two of them before I run out of product !


The photo shows the soft bubbles scrub in Curacao. I got this for my husband mainly, because he loves scrubs, especially in ocean type scents.

Description from the website "Turquoise ocean water, soft powdery sand beneath your feet and a warm tropical breeze- the perfect vacation !" Scents notes of coconut milk, sea salt, island florals, palm leaf, kola nut, driftwood and hot sand.

This is a fabulous product in the scrub, scrubby but not too harsh. I love their scrubs. The scent is amazing, very beachy , slightly floral and nice and strong. The descripton fits it well, to me a typical ocean scent, but very special at the same time.

I received Sanibel Island as a sample cocoa mango body butter in my last order. It is described as "soft tahitian vanilla, coconut milk, coconut pulp, clean aqua ocean water deepened with a cool ozone accord."

To me this is the feminine equivalent of Curacao. A super nice beachy sun and sand type fragrance. To me it is sweeter and softer than Curacao, a lighter scent and more perfumey. I don't really smell the coconut in Curacao, but I do get a whiff of it in Sanibel Island.   

Though they are both nice, I think I like Sanibel island more. Would consider ordering it, especially in the body cream or a perfume. It smells like expensive sunscreen to me and I mean that in the best way ! Love it !!! I am not huge on pure vanillas, but in a blend like this, especially with oceanic notes.. love it !

For reference, the cocoa mango body butter and voluptuous body butters from this seller are amazing ! Very moisturizing, but they sink in quickly and do not leave you greasy at all. Love Cocoa Pink and hopefully you will too !!!  


Bathed and Infused Memorial Day Sale

Thirty percent off everything with code MEMORIAL2013 at Bathed and infused .

They have amazing momoisturizers, try the inbetween cream ! Violet Volcano is my favorite scent, but they have a great scent list !

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Just realized that Cleanse Your Soul is having buy one get one free on a lot of their products including perfume roll ons, body mists, lotions and skin glow oil moisturizers. There is also a large ready to ship section where everything is on sale. Might be a nice time to try a few things if you have not before. I have not personally ordered from this seller, but have heard nothing but great things. The scent list is extensive !!!! Check this out ! I do not know how long this sale will last.

Lasting Scent Candles Order !!!

Just got my first Lasting Scent Candles     order ! Very excited to try out these amazing tarts !


 Reviews ~!!


Coral Rock Candy - Description from the website "This was our first Rock Candy blend and the one that started it all. Imagine Sugary Rock Candy with a bright Coral color,flavored with sweet Coral colored Fruits. Sticky Sweet Perfection!" 

Reminds me of Mad City Sue   Coral Beach Scent. Reminds me of skittles and chewy sprees. I love this scent, probably my favorite of the batch !



Cactus and Sea Salt- This scent is super fresh and clean, reminds me of an ocean scent... very nice. Described as a "spa-like aroma." I agree with that ! Very spa-like in a wonderful way.  



Sugar Corn Pudding- smells like it sounds, super sweet and yummy. Smells like sweet corn muffins baking in the oven. I adore this scent, will purchase again !



Beach Bungalow- This was a freebie, not a scent I chose, but I think they knew it was in line with the type of fresh scents I enjoy. Found under the new scents section, and described as "wedges of citrus fruit, a gentle breeze or Salty Sea Air, and swinging in your favorite hammock." Fruity than Cactus and sea salt and seems stronger, smell the citrus and sea air. Super nice scent if you like ocean or spa scents.



Satin Sheets- Described as having scent notes of white and dark chocolate, violets, jasmine, musk , blackberry and vanilla. I knew I would love this.. I enjoy any scents with chocolate notes and violets and jasmine are among my favorite florals. This scent is amazing. A very romantic perfumey scent, but in the best way. Lovely !



Summer Serenity- Another freebie, smells like a field of fresh cut grass to me. Another spa/clean type scent that I just love. Totally something I would have chosen. Has notes of cucumber, aloe and fresh citrus. Amazing scent.  This is also in the new scent section of the site.



Watermelon Rock Candy- smells like watermelon candy, just like it sounds.. reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Yummm. Really delicious. I really want to try some of the other rock candy scents, these are nice and strong. 



Sapmoss- This is an Aveda type, I am not sure I have ever smelled the original but I love all of their scents, so I wanted to try it out. According to the site their are a lot of notes to this including florals and earthy scents, specifically roses, cyclamen, lily, cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli, musk and sandalwood. A very complex scent, not sure I would purchase again, but I think it will smell very nice. Very woodsy.



Lavender Cotton Candy- More Lavender than cotton candy to me, but smells nice.. a light floral. Not sure I would repurchase, but I am not a huge lavender fan.. so not totally surprised by that. 



Very pleased with this order, if you are interested in trying out some fabulous tarts, try to check out Lasting Scent Candles 



Their melts are amazing, very strong and great selection of scents. Pretty packaging and just a great experience. Remember turn around time is very long on custom orders and when they open it may not be for long, so get in there while you can ! Get on the mailing list so you will know about all the openings ! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review of Cocoa Pink Scents

I recently received a lot of Cocoa Pink     scent vials from a swap and purchase and wanted to post a few scent reviews. I believe all of the vials are EDPs so that is the product this is based upon. As far as I know, they are all regular strength.




American Cream- This is a LUSH dupe and in my opinion it is dead on. Sweet creamy vanilla with a light hint of berries. I love this scent. Really want to try this in one of their conditioners.


Violet Pound Cake- Smells lovely, like cake and violets .... just like it sounds. Very sweet and light. I love violet scents and this is my favorite of the Cocoa Pink     violets that I have tried. Violet pixie dust is nice as well, but for comparison it is sweeter and stronger, smells like candy. I like the Violet Pound Cake much better.


 Pink Dragon- This is a Cocoa Pink     exclusive, according to the website it smells like their "candy floss softened with sweet , buttery sugar cookies, vanilla cream and whipped peaks of marshmallow sugar." I do smell the vanilla cream and marshmallow for sure. The Candy Floss scent is described as "More than just pink sugar, more than just cotton candy. A twist of pink makes it original , yet warmly familiar." I am not normally into pure "pink sugar" fragrances, some are a bit strong for me.. but this works. I think mixed with the cotton candy, cookies, cream and marshmallow this is sweet and mellow enough for me to handle. Would consider purchasing. I love their marshmallow and this is like a different take on that to me.


Cake Monster- Wow , this one is amazing. Absolutely a favorite. They describe it as "syrupy-sweet vanilla cake, drizzled in a candied lemon glaze." I love lemon scents and this one is incredible. It reminds me of the Tutti Dolci lemon meringue that I had years ago from Bath and Body Works. Anyone remember those ? Lovely. I am in love with this scent.


Lychee-Rose Macaroons- One of my new favorites from this seller. I am in love with this scent. The notes on this are listed as fresh lychee fruit, pink tea roses and whipped buttercream. The rose scent is definitely more strong at first, but as it drys on the skin you can smell the lychee more. A sweet bakery scent, but not overly foody. Very much in love with this. If you like rose scents I think this one is a must have !


Purple Passion- This is not the type of scent I normally go for, but I was in the mood to sample something fruity for summer. This is a combination of purple passion fruit, bergamot, sweet tangerine slices, and "pink frangipani petals with a hypnotic splash of clear blue ocean water against white sand." Wow , the complexity of that is almost overwhelming... I was not sure what this would smell like... but it is nice. The passion fruit and tangerine is stronger when you first put it on, but after a couple of minutes I can smell the ocean water coming out.. a great tropical scent for summer. I would describe it as an island floral. 


Spirituese Double Vanilla - Guerlain dupe. I have never smelled the original so sadly I cannot remark on a similarity. I would call this a spicy vanilla. Cocoa Pink     lists the notes as "pure vanilla, real benzoin extract, frankincense, spices, cedar, pink pepper, bergamot and ylang-ylang". It is very much a perfumey type scent, but absolutely a lovely one. I think this product would be fabulous in any of the perfumes, not sure it is the type of scent I would go for in a scrub or any of the hair care items.. but it is very pretty. I am sure the Guerlain version is quite expensive, so absolutely worth trying this one if you want to experience this unique blend at a lower price point. 


Cocoa Pink   never disappoints !  Their scent list is extensive and unique and the products are very high quality. If you try out this etailer you can put in requests for samples in the comments section and she is always generous with sample vials. I usually try to order quickly during sales (typically 3-4 times a year I believe) because turn around time during a sale can be quite long, but always worth the wait. If it is not during a sale, turn around time is not bad at all and the package is always exciting to receive. The packaging is very cute on these products and they are amazing. Check back later, I will be posting in the future with specific product and additional scent reviews. 

Absolutely a favorite of mine ! I am already planning my next order ! 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grumpy Girl Review




My Gorgeous Grumpy Girl     order ! ! !

I ordered the items above, plus a lovely full size body spray (not pictured because it is always at my desk at work). 


My order

Sock monkey wax melt- smells like bananas and berries. Love this , very fruity and great throw. You can see from the photo I have already tried it out.


Always a bridesmaid Cranky cup wax melt- lightly scented of strawberries and champagne, fizzy and sweet. Very nice delicate fragrance, wish I could find this in more items on the site, but it is sold out of a lot of things. Limited edition !



Deceptions and Lies Cranky Cup Wax Melt - this is a fruity berry scent, perfect for summer. Nice and strong on cold sniff. Love it.



Little squirts sample body spray in Hollywood Sex Kitten- another limited edition item, found in the red light district on the site. Smells like violets and baby powder. Absolutely love this scent, so nice. I am not huge on florals but I love roses and violets. This is a winner.



Not pictured- Silky Dry Oil Body Spray in My Inner Goddess- picked this up while looking around the site for something fruity and summery, fits the bill perfectly. I keep it on my desk at work and spray it during breaks. Amazing scent, smells just like watermelon gum. Yummm. I actually had some watermelon gum and everytime I sprayed this I had to have it, because it smells so similar. Great for summer ! 



The body mist is long lasting , but not overly powerful (doesn't give me a headache or anything !) The dry oil spray is moisturizing and also leaves a nice scent, I don't feel like it lasts all day , but almost which is amazing for the price. 


Check out Grumpy Girl     if you are in the mood for some truly FUN bath and body products, candles or wax melts. I was drawn in by the super groovy labels on everything and the fun names, but I am staying for the products ! The scents are unique and amazing. I love the cute names of all the products. Really fun ! And all the wax melts and labels are in bright fun colors. 



Did I mention, that they have a sale every month !?!?? Sign up for the newsletter on the Grumpy Girl     website to be reminded of all the great deals ! The coupon code is always on the front page during sale time and every month that I have looked it has been twenty percent off. 



Also , everything ships super fast. This is a great place to shop and I highly recommend Grumpy Girl   to anyone. I am in love !  Have fun shopping and remember that there are different scents in the regular and red light sections so check out both !


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Bathing Garden Order Review

Welcome all to my blog ! I am restarting my blog and going to begin reviews of etailer and some other products. Most of the reviews will be bath and body or home fragrance, but you may see perfume reviews or the occasional review for some other type of product that I just am crazy about. Thanks for checking out my blog ! 


Received my newest order from The Bathing Garden     today ! 


My Order: Tarts in Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Coconut Candy Apple, Sweet Madi, Strawberry Nonsense and Winter Woodland. Scrub in Painting the Roses Red and scrub sample in Mermaid Tears. 


The scrub mini in Mermaid Tears and the Coconut Candy Apple tart were free bonus items that she included with my order.




Mad Hatter Tea Cakes- This is a dual layer scrub, the top is sparkly and green and the bottom is a brownish tan. The top layer is very thin and has a very strong mint smell. The bottom part is brown and thick and smells like bread to me, waxy bread. All in all this is not my favorite, will be interesting to see what it smells like while melting. Love the concept and Alice and Wonderland connection, but not my favorite right now.


Coconut Candy Apple- WOW, this is one I would have chosen for myself, great freebie ! Smells like a candied fruit, doesn't seem terribly apple like to me but very fruity. Also not getting a lot of coconut, but it does smell amazing. Covered in glittery hearts. Love it !


 Strawberry Nonsense- Smells like strawberries and cobbler, yummm. Very graham cracker-ish and the top looks like it is scattered with graham cracker or pie crust crumbs and glittery, Makes me hungry, smells so yummy. Would reorder for sure. I am not huge on bakery scents, but this one is to die for.


Sweet madi- This is supposed to smell like vanilla, strawberry, violet and jasmine and is supposed to be a dupe of a popular bubble bar.. I think this was be the LUSH candy one, but not sure. Smells like it to me. Absolutely smells strawberry vanilla, cannot detect the jasmine and violet, but there is a bit of a floral note. Lovely scent and not one I see listed much, smells fabulous.


 Winter Woodland- My favorite Tart from The Bathing Garden. This smells like a pine forest. This is covered in glitter and contains a little snowflake charm. Definitely a winter scent, but I burn it all year long. So minty green fresh ! Love this so much !! Must try !!


Mermaid Tears Scrub Sample- This is one of her more popular scents, I see it listed a lot. Strong aquatic note, with a soft floral mixed in, smells pretty yet not overly feminine to me. I think it works as a unisex, would also be nice in a tart. The scrub is a very pretty blue shade, just like the ocean. Excited to try this !


The biggie ! Large scrub in Painting the Roses Red. Another Alice in Wonderland themed item, she has a few. This smells like Roses and buttercream frosting. I am MAD about this scrub. It has layers of red, black and white and is topped with glitter and a little candy rose. SO pretty and so delectable. This scrub makes my day every time I use it. Her scrubs are soft, moisturizing and smooth. They are among my favorites.


If you are interested in these products, I recommend trying out The Bathing Garden     on Etsy. I requested a custom order and she always adds in extra freebies for me and ships really quickly. Awesome seller and always a pleasure !


You can look through her past sales for ideas or try some of the ones I have recommended ! Let me know what you think of her stuff !