Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makeup , Vera Bradley , Etailer Bath stuff.. a little bit of everything FREE GIFTS WITH PURCHASE

Blog Sale

1. Minimum $5 purchase , not to include shipping
2. Shipping determined by items purchased, small flat rate box is $6 and medium is $13, rounded up from postal rates.  I would prefer to use these boxes, but will ship for $4 in a small recycled (reused) envelope for very small purchases or very small items.  This is an approximation of what most small packages cost to ship including delivery confirmation and insurance. If you can do without insurance I will ship it for $3, the delivery confirmation is always included for my peace of mind. If you choose to ship without insurance I cannot be responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service.
3. Contact me on makeupalley or through link on mua blog sale page (contact button) to discuss payments and purchase. I will then provide my email. I only accept paypal as a form of payment.  Keep in mind paypal charges fees and this is included in the price of the item as marked.
4. May do discounts on shipping and marked price for multiple items/lots purchased.  Prices negotiable. Free gifts with purchase, item will indicate if it is free and how much you have to spend to ask for it free.  
5. Items left unsanitized for the most part and as pictured.  This is so that you can sanitize in your preferred manner and to keep the maximum amount of product for you. Everything is from a nonsmoking home. I do have a cat, but items are stored in a closed armoir or closet away from the pet. If you have allergies just be aware of this.
6. Contact me if you have questions. Thank you for looking.

Four strips Footpetals Strippy Strap unused in container $2, Victoria's Secret Fashion Tape, over 20 strips left unused in there $1.75

Tokidoki Pittura Eyeliner Brush from Sephora Set, The top is a little faded, may need washing but I think it is clean. Looks great, honestly not sure I ever used it much. $8

Maybelline Cool Crush Color Tattoo, used sparingly and did sanitize this item for swap/sell. Over 95 percent left, these things last forever ! Still very moist and has been stored in a cool dark room. $4

Set of three tarts, hard to see but these are Cleanse your soul Febreeze type single , Ivory Soap Type Clamshell and Poodle Dance Candles in Lilac Bush scent, Poodle Dance is missing one cube, the others are brand new. $5 for all three

Lathers and Lights Brand Coral Beach Mango Body Butter 2 0z size (decanted about 25-30 percent with a clean utensil, the rest is left, over 60 percent). Body Lotion 2 oz Sugar Beach, may have tried this 1x, otherwise new. $5 for both. Check out their website to compare

Physicians formula bamboo kabuki brush, not sure if you can still buy this or not. New in package just took it out for the photo $5

ELF items. Blush in Pink Passion and Studio Blush/bronzer contouring palette in St.Lucia. Used the blush a decent amount, hard to tell by the photo but there are some marks from use , only used the palette once. $4 for both

Ecco Bella Minerals Hibiscus Bronzer, more of a highlighter really. Small dip over 90 percent left $7

Estee Lauder makeup palette, small dips in the shadows on the left side, the ones in the middle very little use. Bronzer on the right, ask questions if you have them, I can look and see what shades these are if you need the exact names. THis was part of a purchase with purchase offer. $14

Clinique Raspberry Glace lipstick, tried 1x and sanitized. Like new. GWP but looks to be full size. $5

Small lot of perfume roll ons and vial. VIal is from sudsy soaps on etsy, violet candy $2, Dragon Fruit from Demeter $ 3 , Swan mountain soaps (next to demeter) Mr.Darcy cologne not sure if this etailer is still around.. $4, Ophelias apocethary from etsy anise roll one etailer no longer in business but pretty basic anise scent , this one is half full $2. The other three are basically full/new may have each been tried 1-2x but look full

Etude house lavender shade of corset blush/face powder. Used lightly , over 95 percent left $5

Small lot of perfume oils. CLean sample vial, Couple of vials from different etailers. Decanted vial of haus of gloi parkin and star and thicket from Haunt etailer. Haus of gloi Red Roan sample vial. All used maybe 1x, this is a freebie with $10 purchase, just ask if you want these included ! Or you can purchase these for $5 plus shipping.

SOLD !!! Vera Bradly small bowler type purse in Citrus Elephant Print. Added photos to show inside pockets and the inside bottom has the elephants. The outside has two snap flap pockets and short handles. Ask questions or I can take measurements if you need them. Three inside pockets. Has not been washed and MAY smell a little like perfume because I have been storing some of my swap items in it. Elephants are around the bottom on the outside too but hard to see in the pics, that is the green with elephants, the blue is only on the inside. $15
Playboy bunny leg warmers, these are awesome and barely worn, Very old school. $5

Couple of jewelry items, Twilight themed tree of life from etsy with vampire teeth and wolf, awesome pendant. $10, Small peppermint type pendant made from coke bottle lid from etsy $2, Cookie Lee Jewelry eyeglass holder or landyard, tiger. really cute $5

Small travel bag, studio gear $3

Vera Bradley yellow bird small cosmetic bag or tiny purse for a kid. Style is Katie. Ask questions if you have them. $10

Vera Bradley Frannie purse, very small. has a long strap so it can be worn crossbody. Print is Purple Punch, in perfect shape. $14

Bathed and Infused Body Sprays, Etailer. Scents are Alice and Bubble Tea. Bubble tea is maybe 25 percent left $1, Alice is almost full use about 5 times $3.  Shown on the end next to them is a decant of Haunt (etailer) body glossing oil spray in scent Mother of Pearl, at least 1 oz in there and I decorated the bottle, very cute. I love this stuff, but the bottle was huge. Smells like watermelon but with a perfumey feel to it, very unique and nice.  Their oil sprays are the best ! Asking $3 , the full size 4 oz is $13 on their site.

Moonalisa etailer Hair Detangler spray, scent is marzipan corn cake used 2x, almost full bottle, Brand new $16, asking $13
Weleda protection cream, used a handful of times $2

Lot of perfume and lotion samples $2

Natural brand hairspray, used a bit 3/4 left $2

Vera Bradley Alice in Sittin in a Tree pattern. Small tear near the clasp, you can see it in the last photo. From reading reviews very common issue with this purse, not much wear, this happened after just a few uses. In great shape, tons of pockets inside and it is deceptively large and deep, holds much more than it looks like it would.. Kind of reminds me of a Mary poppins bag because it holds so much ! Asking $25
Tokidoki unicorno charm for phone or ipod. $7 You can use it as accessory to attach to phone or it has the plug to use it as a speaker plus for iphone or ipod.

Random lot of stuff, Revlon cream blush, Cover girl tinted moisturizer, almost full origins mini cleanser, about 1/3 of everyday minerals foundation sunkissed fair. Deep steep moisturizer stick. Asking $8 for the lot plus shipping.  Or $2 per item.  Will also add in one of these of your choice free with $10 purchase, just ask.

Skinfood vita toka lipstick, see above for usage. $6 , Mac orange eyeshadow used 1-2x almost new $7 , Jane Iredale eye highlighter double ended pencil, over 70 percent left, asking $5

Physicians formula eye palettes, one is missing lid part because I tried to depot it unsucessfully. $2 for both. Bronzer over 85 percent left cashmere bronzer $3, Fergie wnw bb cream light , used about half $2

Hello kitty and hannah montana watches, need batteries. $2 for both or $1 each or bonus free item with any $10 purchase. just ask

Physicians formula nude eye palette, used somewhat over 90 percent left. Asking $5

Hard Candy Glamoflauge extralight, over 98 percent left, $2


MAC swimming pan depot, over 90 percent left, you can use usage and marks. Has a magnet on the back for putting in any palette. Asking $5
Thanks for looking ! I am autumnrainbow on makeupalley and have feedback on etsy as well.