Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Sunday, June 25, 2017

New painting in my etsy shop ! Marina and the diamonds

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review of Savor bath and body products sample pack

Good morning ! Happy Sunday Funday !

Today I am reviewing a sample pack I recently received from Savor on Etsy


Here is the package. It was beautifully packaged and Lisa at Savor had included a tag with a coupon code written on it for my next purchase. I've purchased from Savor in the past and always had a wonderful experience so I was thrilled to get this sample pack to review for my blog ! I love their products and always enjoy the experience of shopping with Savor. Lisa is very nice and good about accommodating requests and I have always enjoyed her customer service !

This sampler I purchased included a Whipped Crème Fraiche Soap in Bora Bora, a body butter in Dulce de Leche and a perfume oil roll on in Strawberry Rhubarb. The perfume roll on was well packaged in bubble wrap and the packaging was pretty ! I was excited to open this !

The strawberry rhubard perfume oil roll on was sweet and moisturizing. It smells amazing just like strawberry pie. I love it ! The perfume is based in sunflower oil, so it is very moisturizing and not drying like some perfume roll ons. It smells nice and was packaged well (no leaks or issues).

Here is a photo of the body butter and whipped soap. The pink one is the Bora Bora whipped soap. Here is her info on this scent from the etsy site.

"Savor's Bora Bora scent calls to mind warm tropical breezes, drinks with pretty little umbrellas and shimmery hot nights. Acai berry, pineapple, mango and yuzu, made more complex with light musk and orchid notes. Time to escape winter! :)"

The summeryness of this absolutely drew me in. She selected these scents for my sampler, but this one especially is one I would have picked myself ! I love summer scents and wear them all years long. A beachy summery scent is my favorite pick for bath and body and perfume products, as well as tarts or candles ! Just love them ! This smells amazing. To me I can smell the mango and berry of some type , but I can definitely smell the floral in it as well. It smells really nice. Her whipped soaps are super moisturizing and I love that they come in small affordable sizes, so that you can try different scents or do them as an add on when ordering body butter or perfume. I really love them and can't wait to use this ! I know its great and it is going to go quick. Sure I will be ordering more soon !

I have shopped around a lot for this type of product and believe me , the prices at Savor are amazing for the product you get. A great deal ! Also, she shipped this super fast. I was amazing at how fast I received it.

The body butter I received was in the scent Dulce de Leche. This is her description of this product from the Savor Site.

"Caramel, a bit of spice, and totally sweet! Warm vanilla sugar notes and thick, ooey gooey caramel and scalded milk make Dulce de Leche so authentically tempting that you'll swear this is a real dessert!"

Here is a little description of her body butter.

"Crema -- Whipped Body Butter by Savor, is a quickly absorbing, rich natural lotion with no added colorants or dyes. Organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter are combined with aloe and mango for a clean, light-weight texture. Crema is enhanced with Cyclomethicone, which provides fantastic moisturizing and leaves you baby-powder-fresh. Contains paraben-free preservative for your safety. Made from nearly all organic ingredients!"

This stuff is amazing ! Really light, but at the same time very moisturizing. This scent absolutely smells like caramel and vanilla. If you love gourmand scents then this is for you ! I'm not always a huge fan of gourmands, but this is one I can get behind. It smells amazing, without being overwhelming or overpowering. I love her body butter and once again they are very reasonably priced , especially for a product with a large amount of organic ingredients. Seriously impressive !

In conclusion, I really enjoyed sampling these products and cannot wait for my next order from Savor ! All of her products are handmade and I have never had a bad experience. This is one of my favorite etsy shops for a wide variety of handmade products in fantastic scents at amazing price points ! I love Savor and I hope you will try it out !

Time to go shopping over at https://www.etsy.com/shop/savor .

Re-opening Etsy Store

Morning all !

Wanted to let everyone know I am reopening this blog and my etsy shop. I wanted to share some info on that and links to my social networking sites so that you can follow that as well as my blog here.

My etsy shop will showcase original artwork for sale, along with possibly handmade bath and body products in the future. Also destashing a lot of supplies at low low prices. Great deal on craft supplies if you are in the market.

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Thanks for looking ! And I hope you will check out my shop and links and keep following my blog. Stay tuned for a new bath and body product review coming soon !