Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nature Box Review

This is another subscription box: Nature Box  .

One thing I do not like about this box is that you have to call to cancel, I did a discounted trial box and then neglected to cancel and was shipped another box.

I actually liked the products in my second box a bit better than my first, so it was not so bad, but I am not sure I want a third box... it is just hard to remember to cancel by calling !

Items including in my first box
1: Spicy Indian Trail mix- pretty good, slightly appealing but not my favorite thing.

2. Lemon Waffle cookies- These were decent , not overly sweet but pretty good. I like lemon stuff so this was one of my favorites.

3. Italian pretzel bites- yumm these were good. I enjoyed these.

4. Banana bread granola-  Their granola is actually pretty amazing, not as hard as most. Sweet and really good. I got a cherry granola in my second box and loved it as well.

5. Raspberry fig bars- My husband and son ate these, so hard to comment. I am sure they were okay, but not my favorite type of snack.

You can see from the photos the size of packages, you get 5 packs for $19.95 per month.  There is no option to customize a box at this time, but the site says there will be in the future.  I think that would make for a better experience, to me some of these snacks were just okay and I would have liked to pick my own snacks.. more granola would have been nice !  Also, these snacks do not seem overly healthy to me.  They have natural ingredients, but aside from the trail mix not a lot of nutritional value in most of these.

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