Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lather's and Light's Valentines Day February Order : First Impressions

Welcome to my blog ! It has been awhile, but I am trying to get back in the game on my blog posts and reviews. This is a small order from one of my favorite etailers Lather's and Lights. I ordered the head to toe sampler (pick your own scents)


I received a free rubber duck (cute !) with my order, plus eight sample packets. Second photo is a close up of the samples and the small perfume is part of the set, just wanted a close up of that as well.


Perfume Roll on in Black Heart: This was a valentine's day scent and no longer listed on the site.  Very sweet perfumey floral, nice for a perfume and i love it.  A bit powdery, not sure what the notes were on this.

Small scrub in turkish delight- oh i love their scrubs, this is going to be amazing.. smells like chocolate and berries to me, so yummm..

body butter in With this ring- this is another valentines day scent, i know it is a girly floral but i dont remember all of the notes, violets and roses maybe... Really soft and delicate. I love their body butter, but the coconut butter is my favorite from them.. this is nice as well though, very moisturizing..

Argan infusion conditioner cream- Pink velvet cupcake. pink sugar + red velvet cake. this appealed to me a lot.. it smells like a frosted cupcake, not too chocolately to me right now but maybe it will smell more chocolate once it cures,..... not too heavy.. I hate a heavily scented conditioner but this is perfect for me.

I love their haircare. The next item is The Soft and Shine Shampoo in another Valentine's scent, Hearts in bloom.  Another floral, strong and sweet.. lots of violet in this which I love. smells amazing.

Then we have an argan and shea body cream in the scent Egyptian Cotton. This is one of their basic scents, so the description is up on the site . " Clean and crisp top notes of orange zest and fresh greens highlight a feminine bouquet of jasmine, orchid vanilla and violet on a warm background of rosewood, sandalwood and soft musk."  I was really interested in the muskyness and violet and jasmine in this.. I thought that combined with the greens would smell really great.  I love it, perfect musky floral,.. not too heavy or overwhelming. Smells amazing.. I love argan oil, I'm sure this cream is great.

I got the shower creme in rock candy, this is a LUSH dupe, but not sure what of.. i think a bubble bar or maybe the rock star soap. "Super sweet and fruity candy with a touch of vanilla. *Lushious collection*"  This one is great, I've bought this dupe from other sellers, but Lathers and lights has the best lush dupes in my experience. Really sweet and strong.. love their shower creme, very moisturizing and a little goes a long way...

Last item is the Argan infusion smoothing serum for hair. I love this stuff, I have short to medium thick hair and this is a great styling cream, rub a little in your hair and it is soft and smelling lovely all day.  I got this in Rose Jelly. This is another Lush dupe, dupe of Rose Jam. Description "Fresh citrus brightens this velvety floral accord of red rose petals. Hints of strawberry add sweet innocence while clear musky undertones blend with vanilla to create longing. *Lushious collection*".. I love their Rose jam, it smells amazing.. like roses and strawberries, I love it !!! 

I love that the samples are individually sealed, usually I put some in my desk drawer or purse and they serve as great little hand creams for on the go.  I love Lathers and Lights and hope you will consider trying them out, They have regular coupon codes and their products are amazing !