Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grumpy Girl Monthly Sale

Grumpy Girl is having Twenty Percent off Everything with Code FUNNYBONE ! Great time to try it out ! See my review here :


Enjoy !!!!

Cleanse your soul Sale !!!!!

Cleanse Your Soul is having a big sale through July 4th ! The large perfume bottles and behemoth scrubs are all Buy Two Get one Free.  Enjoy !! 

I recommend Camay Soap Type, Caress Soap Type, Zestfully Clean (Zest Type) and Skin Rose. Amazing Scents !!!!

Nature Box Review

This is another subscription box: Nature Box  .

One thing I do not like about this box is that you have to call to cancel, I did a discounted trial box and then neglected to cancel and was shipped another box.

I actually liked the products in my second box a bit better than my first, so it was not so bad, but I am not sure I want a third box... it is just hard to remember to cancel by calling !

Items including in my first box
1: Spicy Indian Trail mix- pretty good, slightly appealing but not my favorite thing.

2. Lemon Waffle cookies- These were decent , not overly sweet but pretty good. I like lemon stuff so this was one of my favorites.

3. Italian pretzel bites- yumm these were good. I enjoyed these.

4. Banana bread granola-  Their granola is actually pretty amazing, not as hard as most. Sweet and really good. I got a cherry granola in my second box and loved it as well.

5. Raspberry fig bars- My husband and son ate these, so hard to comment. I am sure they were okay, but not my favorite type of snack.

You can see from the photos the size of packages, you get 5 packs for $19.95 per month.  There is no option to customize a box at this time, but the site says there will be in the future.  I think that would make for a better experience, to me some of these snacks were just okay and I would have liked to pick my own snacks.. more granola would have been nice !  Also, these snacks do not seem overly healthy to me.  They have natural ingredients, but aside from the trail mix not a lot of nutritional value in most of these.

Goodies Box Review

This is a review of my recent Goodies box. This is a great box for trying out new food and snack products.

Item 1: Lays Stax Que Rico Adobadas chips - these have a slight spicy flavor but nothing extreme.  They are also slightly cheesy. The website describes these are potato chips with a mexican flair and I feel like the description fits.  This is a full size item.

Item 2: Cheddar Cheese Seaweed Crumbles- These look neat, but honestly I am not sure where I put them, maybe my husband ate them LOL. He likes stuff like this.  Decent size snack pack.

Item 3: Dream Water NightTea night- this is in my fridge but I have not tried this.  It is similar size to an energy or vitamin shot like they sell at the all the stores, these are just over $11 for a six pack on the goodies shopping section.

Item 4: 2 pack of Highland shortbread cookies- These are delicious, probably the best shortbread cookies I have ever had. SO good. Each bag retails for $5.99 and totally worth it, thinking of buying some.

Item 5: Pringles stix cheese- These are brand new and not even available for purchase on the site. Fed them to my one year old and my husband and they both loved them, kind of like a cheese cracker in stick form. Pretty yummy, not sure how much these will retail for, but it was neat to try them before anyone else I guess ! 

Item 6: Smooth snacks fruit pouch- This is similar to a lot of applesauce and fruit snacks out there, except that these have Chia seeds mixed with the fruit, makes it more filling but also more expensive. These retail for over $11 for six according to the shop on the site. Wow, it was good but not sure I would purchase at that price. 

The Goodies box was $7. This is in Beta so not sure if it is yet available to everyone, someone had an invitation code that they gave me for this. Right now they are having free shipping on the site and a lot of things are on sale, so a great incentive to buy some full size items if you like what you got.

Also, you earn points for reviewing items.  I have 162 points and apparently I am 138 points away from earning a free month of Goodies.  This is after only one month so that seems pretty good, maybe in another month or two I will have earned a free month ?  

The value of this box is great for $7, it is less than you would pay for these items at the store and I enjoyed them all. Would recommend this subscription to anyone if you get a chance to try it !