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Kawaii Treat

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review of Cocoa Pink Scents

I recently received a lot of Cocoa Pink     scent vials from a swap and purchase and wanted to post a few scent reviews. I believe all of the vials are EDPs so that is the product this is based upon. As far as I know, they are all regular strength.




American Cream- This is a LUSH dupe and in my opinion it is dead on. Sweet creamy vanilla with a light hint of berries. I love this scent. Really want to try this in one of their conditioners.


Violet Pound Cake- Smells lovely, like cake and violets .... just like it sounds. Very sweet and light. I love violet scents and this is my favorite of the Cocoa Pink     violets that I have tried. Violet pixie dust is nice as well, but for comparison it is sweeter and stronger, smells like candy. I like the Violet Pound Cake much better.


 Pink Dragon- This is a Cocoa Pink     exclusive, according to the website it smells like their "candy floss softened with sweet , buttery sugar cookies, vanilla cream and whipped peaks of marshmallow sugar." I do smell the vanilla cream and marshmallow for sure. The Candy Floss scent is described as "More than just pink sugar, more than just cotton candy. A twist of pink makes it original , yet warmly familiar." I am not normally into pure "pink sugar" fragrances, some are a bit strong for me.. but this works. I think mixed with the cotton candy, cookies, cream and marshmallow this is sweet and mellow enough for me to handle. Would consider purchasing. I love their marshmallow and this is like a different take on that to me.


Cake Monster- Wow , this one is amazing. Absolutely a favorite. They describe it as "syrupy-sweet vanilla cake, drizzled in a candied lemon glaze." I love lemon scents and this one is incredible. It reminds me of the Tutti Dolci lemon meringue that I had years ago from Bath and Body Works. Anyone remember those ? Lovely. I am in love with this scent.


Lychee-Rose Macaroons- One of my new favorites from this seller. I am in love with this scent. The notes on this are listed as fresh lychee fruit, pink tea roses and whipped buttercream. The rose scent is definitely more strong at first, but as it drys on the skin you can smell the lychee more. A sweet bakery scent, but not overly foody. Very much in love with this. If you like rose scents I think this one is a must have !


Purple Passion- This is not the type of scent I normally go for, but I was in the mood to sample something fruity for summer. This is a combination of purple passion fruit, bergamot, sweet tangerine slices, and "pink frangipani petals with a hypnotic splash of clear blue ocean water against white sand." Wow , the complexity of that is almost overwhelming... I was not sure what this would smell like... but it is nice. The passion fruit and tangerine is stronger when you first put it on, but after a couple of minutes I can smell the ocean water coming out.. a great tropical scent for summer. I would describe it as an island floral. 


Spirituese Double Vanilla - Guerlain dupe. I have never smelled the original so sadly I cannot remark on a similarity. I would call this a spicy vanilla. Cocoa Pink     lists the notes as "pure vanilla, real benzoin extract, frankincense, spices, cedar, pink pepper, bergamot and ylang-ylang". It is very much a perfumey type scent, but absolutely a lovely one. I think this product would be fabulous in any of the perfumes, not sure it is the type of scent I would go for in a scrub or any of the hair care items.. but it is very pretty. I am sure the Guerlain version is quite expensive, so absolutely worth trying this one if you want to experience this unique blend at a lower price point. 


Cocoa Pink   never disappoints !  Their scent list is extensive and unique and the products are very high quality. If you try out this etailer you can put in requests for samples in the comments section and she is always generous with sample vials. I usually try to order quickly during sales (typically 3-4 times a year I believe) because turn around time during a sale can be quite long, but always worth the wait. If it is not during a sale, turn around time is not bad at all and the package is always exciting to receive. The packaging is very cute on these products and they are amazing. Check back later, I will be posting in the future with specific product and additional scent reviews. 

Absolutely a favorite of mine ! I am already planning my next order ! 


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