Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bathed and Infused Birthday Sale All Bath products and perfume 40 percent off !

Bathed and Infused is having a huge Birthday sale through June 30th !  Pretty much everything on the site is 40 percent off, except for gift sets which are 30 percent off.  There may be some things excluded but not much ! What a deal ! See my review of some of my favorite Bathed and Infused scents here : http://kawaiiwunderland.blogspot.com/2013/06/bathed-and-infused-review.html .  Try it out !! This is one of my favorite etailers !

SugarCandie Beauty Bar Sale $3 items !

Sugarcandie Beauty Bar  is having a huge sale ! When the banner shows the semi-annual sale, click on details and you will see tons of cheap items ! Everything under the Cakes in Fantasyland and the Carnival Cotton Candy collection is only $3. This includes 6 oz body scrubs and  2 oz perfume mists in the Carnival Cotton Candy collection and the same as well as 4 oz shower smoothie cream soaps in the Cakes in Fantasyland Collection.  I have only tried one sample from this etailer, but I have heard great things. I believe shipping is $5.95 flat rate. What a steal !

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cleanse Your Soul reopening and sale !!!!

Cleanse Your Soul  has reopened and is having a fantastic sale, new packaging and a pretty new website.

 Use code GRAND20 for twenty percent off everything through June 10th.  Perfume roll ons are also buy two get one free, just put in "2" for the quantity , but put three scents in the scent box. 


The scent list is very large and I am excited to try this seller ! Stay tuned for future reviews !

Bathed and Infused Review

Did a small order from Bathed and Infused
during their Memorial Day sale and I am in love.

They had a great sale going on and the shipping was super fast, I had my order in four days.

I ordered a body mist, shower gel, lotion and some samples.

Body mist in "Alice"- Scent notes are creamy black tea, cupcakes, rose milk and egyptian must. I love Alice in Wonderland and this is one or two Alice scents, the other is called "Alice N. Wonderland" and has notes of orange blossom, creamy almond, coconut milk and white patchouli. It does sound nice, but this is the one that really drew me in, it sounds exactly like something I would like. It is fabulous, probably my new favorite body mist, so lovely I think all of my other perfumes are being neglected because I want to use this every day right now.  Smells like black tea and roses with a musky undertone. I am not huge on musky scents, but this is sweet and nice, not overwhelming at all. Perfect !

Shower gel in "Cleanse"- Like Alice this is listed as a spring limited edition scent. Scent notes are "rose-scented soap", rice leaf, waterlily,fairy moss, clean water and cotton. It doesn't really smell rosy to me, just fresh and clean and soapy. Perfect for a shower gel, but not sure I would love it in anything else. Reminds me of soap for sure.

Honey Dream Hand Cream in Violet Volcano- This smells like belgian chocolate with just a whiff of violet. I have tried this before and adore it. Super nice scent if you like sweet smells and who doesn't love chocolate ! I love it.  Smells very nice layered with my Alice body mist as well. Their hand cream is nice and thick and I love it, seems to last forever because you only need a little. 

I also received four samples of the in-between cream. The "in-between cream" is their middle of the line cream, more moisturizing and thick than body lotion , but less thick that their ultra thick body fluff.  It is also less thick than the hand cream to me. I think I prefer the hand cream in samples, but I am glad I got these to test it out instead of full size and it is nice to smell the scents.

I got these in Alice, Marie, Parfait d'amour and Kadu blossom. The Kadu blossom was a freebies, I did not pick that out. 

Marie-This is listed under florals. Per the site " Golden amber permeates this fragrance with a soft powdery dry down of indulgent roses and lavender"  This is a very light powdery rose to me, I get a bit of amber but not overpowering at all like some ambers can be. Does not really smell like lavender to my nose.  Very nice scent, love it in the inbetween cream and layered with the other scents.

Parfait d'amour- Also listed under florals, "A sinful blend of violets and almonds that is reminiscent of the lovely violet liqueur."  To me this is 90 percent almost and 10 percent violet... very sweet, buttery almond scent. I love it ! Just enough violet to satisfy, since I adore violet scents. Smells awesome layered under "Alice" I love this scent and really want to order a full size inbetween cream or body fluff in this. Amazing and unique !

Kadu Blossom- Per the site this is a new scent. The description is a bit long, but the notes are kadu plum blossom, sage, lavender, white jasmine, with a clean amber finish. I can smell the plum and jasmine in it, not sure what else. Smells familiar to me, like a famous perfume or something, but not sure what... nice if you like this type of scent, I will probably use it, but it is not the type of scent I would choose for myself.

I also received two free sample perfume paddles, these are basically just little pieces of paper with the scent on them, to test out new scents. You can order them on the site or you get two free with any order, just list which you want in the comments when you check out.

I got

Dr.pepper- Was curious about this, does smell sort of like Dr.pepper, just softer... would be a fun scent for kids I think...Interesting !  

Baby clean- soft powdery clean floral.  This is a new scent. Notes of apple, lemon zest, a hint of mint, spring wildflower, butterfly violets and honeysuckle blossoms. sweet and nice, but not sure it is special enough for me to order anything in this scent. I can smell the violet and that honeysuckle type scent in this.

This is a great seller, I like that you can buy little sample sizes and try out a lot of different scents. I think Alice and parfait d'amour are my favorites and the ones I will be ordering more of in the future, though possibly Marie as well. Great scents if you like violets and roses !  Sign up for email, because they have sales fairly often !