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Kawaii Treat

Monday, June 22, 2015

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box June 2015 Box Review

This is a review of the Vegan Cuts Beauty Subscription box . Link https://vegancuts.com/beautybox . 

The box costs $19.95 per month and includes free shipping. It is an ongoing subscription so you will be charged every month until you cancel. Boxes ship around the 16th of the month I believe.  There is also a snack box available from the same website, as well as other curated one time purchase sample and full size product boxes. This box promises 4-7 products each month.

My box arrived today on June 22nd. The box is smaller than I expected, but the package was super cute and had prints of all sorts of makeup and beauty items on the outside. 

My box contained six beauty items plus two coupons. There is a coupon code for $10 off a $50 purchase at the vegan cuts online shop and 20 percent off at the website for one of the products featured in the box (bar of soap)

Packaging includes some paper shred and a cute card with the vegan cuts coupon code and description of the items included in the box.

Items Included:

1. The first and most impressive item is an Emani eyeshadow palette in the shades Coco/Black. This is a full size makeup item, with a trio of shadows and a mirror on the inside. These retail online for $20, so this is more than the value of the box already, wow great !!! Value : $20

2. There was a small cellophane green baggie with a small heart shaped guest sized soap and coupon code from the brand Bee All Natural. This is the coconut oil soap. On their website a 3 ounce soap is $4.49, the card does not say the size but I am guessing this soap is less than 1 oz, so Value : $1 approx

3. Third item is a small sample size of Schmidt's natural deodorant in bergamot-lime. This is a .5 oz sample. This was one of the spoilers for this month and I am really excited to try this, smells great. A 2 oz deodorant full size is $9 on their website. Value for this sample $2.25 .

Here is a better photo of the Deodorant and the next item, a pacifica cleanser.

4. Pacifica sea foam cleanser- Pretty excited about this sample. This has been an item I have been wanting to try for awhile. I love the Pacifica brand, especially their facial cleansing wipes, so very excited to try this. Great pick !! This is a .7 oz sample and the full size is 5 oz. for $11 retail.  Value : Approx $1.54

5. The next item is a vegan eco lips bee free superfruit lip balm. Not terribly excited because I have a lot of lip balm, but the only good thing about lip balm in beauty boxes is that it is usually full size. Value: $3.49 

6. The last item is a bit odd for a beauty box, toothpaste !! But yes toothpaste does keep you beautiful and I like natural toothpaste so I was kind of excited, ha.  This is the Hello brand and does contain fluoride unlike some natural toothpaste, but I am okay with that. The flavor is pink grapefruit mint and it is .75 oz, so travel size. A five oz full size tube retails for $4.99 from drugstore.com so about $1 per oz. Value: Approx 75 cents for this sample.

Total value of the $19.95 Vegan cuts June 2015 beauty box is $29.03. Not the highest value I have seen for subscription boxes, but not horrible. You are getting a good value, plus coupon codes and if you are Vegan or Vegetarian the plus is that everything is vegan.  I think they offer a wide variety of really useful items. Including lip balm and toothpaste may not be terribly exciting, but who doesn't need this stuff, right ?  I was pretty excited with the toothpaste, cleanser and deodorant. Is that enough excitement to keep me subscribing maybe... I'm not sure the shades in this eyeshadow are for me and let's face it, that is where most of the value in this box comes from... However, I can always swap this or gift it to someone and I'm willing to give this box another month to see if I get more items that are to my taste next month.

Thanks for checking out my blog and check back in for more subscription box and natural product reviews. I would absolutely recommend vegan cuts website or boxes for beauty products and I really want to try out the snack box as well.

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