Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Bathing Garden Order Review

Welcome all to my blog ! I am restarting my blog and going to begin reviews of etailer and some other products. Most of the reviews will be bath and body or home fragrance, but you may see perfume reviews or the occasional review for some other type of product that I just am crazy about. Thanks for checking out my blog ! 


Received my newest order from The Bathing Garden     today ! 


My Order: Tarts in Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Coconut Candy Apple, Sweet Madi, Strawberry Nonsense and Winter Woodland. Scrub in Painting the Roses Red and scrub sample in Mermaid Tears. 


The scrub mini in Mermaid Tears and the Coconut Candy Apple tart were free bonus items that she included with my order.




Mad Hatter Tea Cakes- This is a dual layer scrub, the top is sparkly and green and the bottom is a brownish tan. The top layer is very thin and has a very strong mint smell. The bottom part is brown and thick and smells like bread to me, waxy bread. All in all this is not my favorite, will be interesting to see what it smells like while melting. Love the concept and Alice and Wonderland connection, but not my favorite right now.


Coconut Candy Apple- WOW, this is one I would have chosen for myself, great freebie ! Smells like a candied fruit, doesn't seem terribly apple like to me but very fruity. Also not getting a lot of coconut, but it does smell amazing. Covered in glittery hearts. Love it !


 Strawberry Nonsense- Smells like strawberries and cobbler, yummm. Very graham cracker-ish and the top looks like it is scattered with graham cracker or pie crust crumbs and glittery, Makes me hungry, smells so yummy. Would reorder for sure. I am not huge on bakery scents, but this one is to die for.


Sweet madi- This is supposed to smell like vanilla, strawberry, violet and jasmine and is supposed to be a dupe of a popular bubble bar.. I think this was be the LUSH candy one, but not sure. Smells like it to me. Absolutely smells strawberry vanilla, cannot detect the jasmine and violet, but there is a bit of a floral note. Lovely scent and not one I see listed much, smells fabulous.


 Winter Woodland- My favorite Tart from The Bathing Garden. This smells like a pine forest. This is covered in glitter and contains a little snowflake charm. Definitely a winter scent, but I burn it all year long. So minty green fresh ! Love this so much !! Must try !!


Mermaid Tears Scrub Sample- This is one of her more popular scents, I see it listed a lot. Strong aquatic note, with a soft floral mixed in, smells pretty yet not overly feminine to me. I think it works as a unisex, would also be nice in a tart. The scrub is a very pretty blue shade, just like the ocean. Excited to try this !


The biggie ! Large scrub in Painting the Roses Red. Another Alice in Wonderland themed item, she has a few. This smells like Roses and buttercream frosting. I am MAD about this scrub. It has layers of red, black and white and is topped with glitter and a little candy rose. SO pretty and so delectable. This scrub makes my day every time I use it. Her scrubs are soft, moisturizing and smooth. They are among my favorites.


If you are interested in these products, I recommend trying out The Bathing Garden     on Etsy. I requested a custom order and she always adds in extra freebies for me and ships really quickly. Awesome seller and always a pleasure !


You can look through her past sales for ideas or try some of the ones I have recommended ! Let me know what you think of her stuff !




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