Kawaii Treat

Kawaii Treat

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lasting Scent Candles Order !!!

Just got my first Lasting Scent Candles     order ! Very excited to try out these amazing tarts !


 Reviews ~!!


Coral Rock Candy - Description from the website "This was our first Rock Candy blend and the one that started it all. Imagine Sugary Rock Candy with a bright Coral color,flavored with sweet Coral colored Fruits. Sticky Sweet Perfection!" 

Reminds me of Mad City Sue   Coral Beach Scent. Reminds me of skittles and chewy sprees. I love this scent, probably my favorite of the batch !



Cactus and Sea Salt- This scent is super fresh and clean, reminds me of an ocean scent... very nice. Described as a "spa-like aroma." I agree with that ! Very spa-like in a wonderful way.  



Sugar Corn Pudding- smells like it sounds, super sweet and yummy. Smells like sweet corn muffins baking in the oven. I adore this scent, will purchase again !



Beach Bungalow- This was a freebie, not a scent I chose, but I think they knew it was in line with the type of fresh scents I enjoy. Found under the new scents section, and described as "wedges of citrus fruit, a gentle breeze or Salty Sea Air, and swinging in your favorite hammock." Fruity than Cactus and sea salt and seems stronger, smell the citrus and sea air. Super nice scent if you like ocean or spa scents.



Satin Sheets- Described as having scent notes of white and dark chocolate, violets, jasmine, musk , blackberry and vanilla. I knew I would love this.. I enjoy any scents with chocolate notes and violets and jasmine are among my favorite florals. This scent is amazing. A very romantic perfumey scent, but in the best way. Lovely !



Summer Serenity- Another freebie, smells like a field of fresh cut grass to me. Another spa/clean type scent that I just love. Totally something I would have chosen. Has notes of cucumber, aloe and fresh citrus. Amazing scent.  This is also in the new scent section of the site.



Watermelon Rock Candy- smells like watermelon candy, just like it sounds.. reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Yummm. Really delicious. I really want to try some of the other rock candy scents, these are nice and strong. 



Sapmoss- This is an Aveda type, I am not sure I have ever smelled the original but I love all of their scents, so I wanted to try it out. According to the site their are a lot of notes to this including florals and earthy scents, specifically roses, cyclamen, lily, cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli, musk and sandalwood. A very complex scent, not sure I would purchase again, but I think it will smell very nice. Very woodsy.



Lavender Cotton Candy- More Lavender than cotton candy to me, but smells nice.. a light floral. Not sure I would repurchase, but I am not a huge lavender fan.. so not totally surprised by that. 



Very pleased with this order, if you are interested in trying out some fabulous tarts, try to check out Lasting Scent Candles 



Their melts are amazing, very strong and great selection of scents. Pretty packaging and just a great experience. Remember turn around time is very long on custom orders and when they open it may not be for long, so get in there while you can ! Get on the mailing list so you will know about all the openings ! 

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